More than 1 million mattresses

are sent to landfill each year

in Australia.

This doesn't need to be.

You can help by recycling your mattress.


At The Mattress Recycler we offer a domestic and commercial collection service to pickup unwanted mattresses and bases in the Greater Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast region.


Help reduce waste by getting your mattresses collected for recycling. You will have done your part in keeping out non biodegradable materials from landfill sites.


Each mattress collected is deconstructed and we retrieve the maximum amount of materials possible from the mattress or base. We reuse and upcycle as much as we can. 


There are many ways to recycle and upcycle an old mattress or base. Our aim is to reduce the amount of materials are sent to landfill and get the best environmental outcome. 

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